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    Latin American countries share not only territory and biodiversity, but also languages, customs and various ties. All the territories of Latin America are united by an undeniable reality: we are rich in cultural heritage.

    One way to appreciate these singularities is through the simple existence of the accent, full of beauty and complexity. Each accent is the result of history, customs and connections with its environment. Each country has its own way of making sounds, of interpreting and spelling its language. The distinction does not end there, in each region of each country there are different ways of speaking it. Like roots or mycorrhizae that grow in a unique way towards the center of the Earth, each place and individual establishes its own particularities, follows its own direction and its own way of being in life.

    Each accent and proposal of the artists comes from the same source. Fragments of self expression and their own perception of reality. Latin Accent is appreciated in each design and creator… in the connections between each piece presented.

    In this exhibition, in collaboration with Design Week Mexico and in connection to Inédito, we show works with origin in Latin America. Pieces created with similar and totally opposite materials, but executed through different proposals and sculptural
    processes. We focus on the works and the stories behind them. Showing complex and unfathomable pieces; created with natural resources, oriented to organic forms and intervened by ancestral techniques.

    For the selection of the works we invoke Plato’s conception of beauty, which, like the components of his definition, will show pieces with qualities that we need but that we lack in our lives. The beauty of these pieces develops as a function that invites us to evolve in its direction. To educate our souls.

    Each piece accentuates a connection to Latin American history, from its allusion to rituals and elements, such as the Platalea Studio’s rug and the sculptural sand-casted bronze chair by Acoocooro, inspired by the pristine structure of bones. The affinity to cults in the pieces by Estudio Cálido and Ayres, references to Mysticism and Totemism in the works by Vica Cerámica and Rebeca Cors, the emotional exploration in the Ceiba floor lamp by Chuch Estudio, the relationship with the Psyche in the pieces by Ila Cerámica, the connection to our Lineage and Roots in Cristian Mohaded’s Toribio and Alcira thrones. Our relationship with the Earth in Rafael Freyre’s Wetlands set and the sculptures of Federico Dalbergia. The sustainability and connection with the materials in the Panorammma’s pieces, or the installation of Oasis rock – Hyphae by Andrés Monnier, macro sculpture inspired by fungi and the relationship with human consciousness.


    November 19 – 26, 2022
    Av. Ejercito Nacional 676, Polanco III Sección,
    Miguel Hidalgo, 11540, CDMX, México