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    Alain Ellouz

    Atelier Alain Ellouz is an exceptional creative artworkshop, located close to Versailles in France, specializing in two magnificent materials: alabaster and rock crystal.

    Using sleek designs and organic shapes Atelier Alain Ellouz unveils the extraordinairy richness of these two materials in a true celebration of nature’s beauty.

    The story begins in 1995 when the passionate novice, Alain Ellouz discovers alabaster, his stone of choice for sculptures., Ten years later, as his passion for the stone and its translucent quality deepens, so does its certainty about the natural treasures hidden within the material. This turning point is marked by his encounter with designer Marion Biais-Sauvêtre, and together they elaborate a resolutely contemporary approach, joining alabaster and light. They continue on to develop technical innovations which allow them to accomplish increasingly complex projects, opening the door to a new contemporary sculptural design pieces.