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    The Antipode, are points that are in opposite sides of a sphere. For this exhibition, we show the contrast between two minds, worlds, universes… two proposals of bodies of work, linked by one common thing: rock.

    The affinity of choosing rocks as a material for our human world is the link we have with ancient cultures. The appreciation and malleability of rocks are present in human evolution.

    Humans are capable of transforming matter, to intervene the natural process of a stone and create a whole different philosophy. But have you ever wondered, how rocks are capable of transforming humans?

    Stones are solid and heavy. The weight of the rock is the weight of what we call time. Rocks are not just composed of minerals and particles, rocks have energy. They hide truths and myths within their textures, shapes, colors and porosity. In nature, stones can be found in many formats, from delicate textures to a raw and brutalist surface. Just as the contrast between the Argentinian artist Pilar Zeta and the Mexican sculptor Andrés Monnier…

    Pilar’s sublime installation is composed with smooth textures oriented to human perfection: divinity. A tribute to an ethereal and non tangible space as her thoughts, represented and created on a digital world but materialized by rock. In the Antipode, there’s Andrés’s bodies of work, allusive to wabi-sabi philosophy where there’s no space for perfection. Oriented to organic shapes, Monnier alleges he doesn’t create anything, he connects with different cosmic lines of knowledge and lets his mind and body sync to create pieces and Installations that have allegories in all details.

    Antipodes – Exhibition shows bodies of work created with stone, a nostalgic feeling of an ancient synergy between humans and rocks, just as Pilar Zeta’s “Doors of Perception” installation, based on the idea that our subconscious is managed by symbols. Pilar Zeta creates her new installation where portals work as doors that facilitate the entrance to other levels of perception and transform our energy as we pass through them. The Doors of Perception thus acts as a door to connect with our higher self, and as a gateway to infinity and new realities.

    In the antipode, we have Andres Monnier’s Pyrus installation. A rock pyramid crafted by himself, making allusion to our ancestors and the collective amnesia we all are part of by forgetting where we come from. Making allusion to the forgotten links and burnt roots we have with human ancestors, a series of invitations to question the way we perceive reality and how we are leading our human world. Pyrus Installation invite us to connect with our genesis, to primitiveness and the origins of our world. Created with rock, fire and metal, allusive to the architecture of Mesoamerica.

    As an extension of the artwork, Pilar Zeta’s furniture collection is presented for the first time. Each piece of the collection refers to different energies and internal processes.


    Starting February 9th
    Av. Ejercito Nacional 676
    Polanco III Sección,
    Miguel Hidalgo, 11540,
    CDMX, México