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    Lee Sisan

    Lee(1995)is a designer/artist base in Seoul, South Korea. He majored interior design and makes various objects such as furniture, lighting and sculpture.
    He became interested in nature while attending a university surrounded by mountains an drivers, and majoring in spatial design, he was attracted to the uniqueness of stones, that contrasts to fixed processes and standardized dimensions. He is inspired by the confrontational relationship between nature and artificiality, primitive and modernity, and tries to find a point of contact and incorporate it into his work.

    Lee explores various materials such as stone, wood, leather, and metal across nature and cities, and intentionally reveals the individual uniqueness and purity of materials through various methods of experiments. This value continues in the process of constructing the form, completing the results in the form of refined language based on the functional objects.

    Together with activities as an independent designer/artist, he also founded a Spatial design studio PRACTICE with a Architect in 2020 and show his work with multifaceted approaches to various fields such as architecture, interior, and exhibition design.