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    Pierre d’Ici

    A year after the Design Brut project with the primary school children of the Roya Valley, Galerie Philia organized the “Chantier Partagés” (shared workshops) project with the Société du Grand Paris. The idea behind the project is to work with a regional stone excavated from the new train worksites and create collectible design works in collaboration with local children.

    The “Chantier Partagés” are places of exchange and creation.
    For several months, the designer Frédéric Saulou and the students from the middle school César Franck worked together to exchange ideas and create pieces, by using the Meulière – an emblematic local stone, that was extracted from the construction site of line 18 of the Grand Paris Express. These Shared Projects have enabled the elaboration of a common reflection around sustainability and the valorization of local resources. They led to the co-creation of a collective functional work carried out by experienced craftsmen.

    The “Pierre d’Ici” exhibition presents the extension of this work through a series of sculptural and archaic furniture. It questions the relationship between matter in space and its origin, between the earth and its extraction, in the context of the construction site of the Grand Paris Express.

    A project of the Société du Grand Paris carried by the Galerie Philia and the artist Frédéric Saulou, in partnership with the César Franck college of the City of Palaiseau and the EPA Paris-Saclay. The artistic and cultural direction of the Grand Paris Express is led by José-Manuel Gonçalvès with the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, Manifesto and the Eva Albarran agency.

    Artist: Frédéric Saulou
    Curation : Ygaël Attali, Galerie Philia
    Video : Maison Mouton Noir


    23th June – 21th July

    Residence Rosalind Franklin
    28 BD Gaspard Monge, 91120 Palaiseau