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    Precious Artefact – Marie Jeunet

    An ode to nature, this is what Audrey Guimard and Marie Jeunet offer with their combined expertise and favorite materials, tufa stone and glass.
    On sculptural stone plinths, echoing so many mineral landscapes, sit sheets of colored glass and blocks of raw material which, through a subtle play of light and textures, magnify the stone and the surfaces surrounding them.
    Colorful transparencies and hypnotic caustics unfold before our eyes throughout the day.
    Their mesmerizing work evoke a succession of waves, sunrises and sunsets, moon reflections on these abstract landscapes where the sand turned glass binds with the shapes of the rock.
    The brass, affixed as a signature, finishes elevating the pieces and consecrating them as precious artifacts.
    Everything is tailor-made, modular and adjustable.