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    Multifaceted design agency Studiopepe was founded in Milan in 2006. Eclectic, voguish, it is the brainchild of Chiara di Pinto and Arianna Lelli Mami, both of whom obtained their degrees in Industrial Design at the Milan Polytechnic University. Driven by their own distinctive multi-dimensional vision that arose from their studies in Interior and Industrial design, their studio work encompasses art direction,
    styling, interior, and product design, with an integral vein of storytelling that connects everything together.

    Drawing inspiration from the unexpected, their contemporarily classic designs are characterised by their equally minimalist and eclectic nature, uniting poetic vision and rigorous design. Studiopepe studies the dialogue between contrast and juxtaposition, with experimentation of materials, investigation of formal archetypes, installations, and art manifesting as integral themes to their work. Their projects are recognizable by their strong iconographic identity, formed through the cross-pollination of contemporary mediums and artistic disciplines as well as extensive research of colours and materials. Arianna Lelli Mami has always been fascinated by the ways people live and inhabit space, considering design from a fluid perspective, free from rigid schemes. Passionate about art, she collects ‘objets
    trouvés’ that are then re-explored and utilized to create installations that often inspire projects for the agency.

    Chiara Di Pinto received academic training in fine arts and has collaborated as an interior stylist and journalist for many Italian and international magazines. Due to her innate artistic intuition, she has always had a strong interest in materials, shapes, and colours, shaping her instinctive approach to design and love of research.