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    Dolomies Chair by Elissa Lacoste


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    Weight 25 kg
    Dimensions 83 × 72 × 65 cm


    83 x 72 x 65 cm


    A1, Aluminium, Clay Powder, Cotton, Silicone, Styrfoam

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    7-8 Weeks

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    Made to order creations can be done: please contact us for any request.

    Dolomies collection. Skeletal stools and a blobby, monolithic table and chair feature in this series of furniture by French designer Elissa Lacoste. Lacoste drew on natural landscapes and human forms to create the new works, which include the Dolomies coffee table and chair set, and the Soft Beings stools. For the monolithic Dolomies duo, the silicone is finished with a clay powder to create ridges, bumps, and swirls.

    The final result resembles an igneous rock, a formation of hardened lava. Dolomies are mainly informed by nature, bringing to the domestic inside shapes that are encountered in the natural outside. They manifest as material singularities to recall the space of a cave or geological concretions from a wild landscape that has escaped from human impact.