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    Unique Minimalistic Low Table by Johan Viladrich


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    Weight 60 kg
    Dimensions 87 × 87 × 36 cm


    87 x 36 cm


    Anthracite glass, Blackened Steel, Stainless Steel



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    7-8 Weeks

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    Made to order creations can be done: please contact us for any request.

    Apprx. 60kg

    The table is composed of two brushed aluminium plates leaning onto three lightly brushed aluminum tubes; held under tension with polished aluminum cylinders and dark grey rubber bands. The table is entirely anodised so it is very resistant to scratches and stains, it can also be used as a bench.

    This radical assemblage is the result of a continuous investigation into rational forms and archetypes. By using industrially produced elements and non-definitive connections, it questions the position of the designer as a maker, and the value usually attached to the trace of the hand. Here, as there is no patina nor welding, no stylizing nor drawing, all marks of the maker have vanished. What remains is the purity of the material, highlighted via different surface treatments, and a rigorous work of proportions.