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    Philia Review of Contemporary Design

    The contemporary design world is florishing. Talents are rising, new materials and techniques are being developed, sculptural forms and design become a growing trend among institutions and museums.

    Designers are often skilled crafters, their knowledge about material is tremendous and they are known for their off-beat eye. This eye is inspiring and creating a new way of memorizing, living and thinking: a mental mind-set.

    How is this mind-set defined ? What are its impulses ? What stimulates it, and how does it stimulate the creativity and the aesthetic originality of these new works ?

    The passionate community of collectible design has been growing, however something was lacking: a platform where those designers and creators can express themselves about their work and the spiritual world around it.

    The Philia Review of Contemporary Design hence will give a voice to contemporary artists and thinkers that currently shape today’s design world.

    This review is thought as that platform, opened to anyone willing to manifest an original perspective about different facets of this blooming contemporary design constellation.

    Philia Review – Editorial Board

    Cédric Breisacher
    Ewelina Makosa
    Jan Garncarek
    Jojo Corväiá
    Nikhil Paul (Paul Matter)
    Nina Edwards Anker
    Roxane Ladhidji
    Sylvia Eustache Rools