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    Amy Lau Design

    Amy Lau Design

    Founded in 2001, Amy Lau Design creates interiors known for their warmth, expressiveness and impeccable attention to detail. Amy has a reverence for the inherent beauty of natural materials, landscapes, and thoughtfully incorporates elements of each into every project. Lauded by Architectural Digest for her “All-encompassing vision of inspired, artful living that elevates mere finesse into the realm of pure magic,” Amy’s aesthetic embraces both art and design, where each personalized space is enlivened with dynamic mixes of vintage and contemporary pieces and site-specific commissions.

    Amy’s portfolio of luxurious residential interiors includes an array of artistic and sophisticated homes throughout the world. The firm’s work has been featured in such publications as Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, NY Cottages & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, and Luxe Interiors + Design. Amy’s singular, successful approach to design and the curatorial arts has earned her firm many of the most prized awards in design, including the House Beautiful Next-Wave Award, Architectural Digest/AD 100 Award, ELLE Decor A-List, Luxe Interiors + Design Gold List and New York Magazine’s Top 100 List—an accolade Amy has received consistently since 2012.

    1. How did you begin designing interiors ?

    I started by serving as director at Thomas O’Brien’s Aero and then spent five years as the design director at the Lin-Weinburg Gallery, which eventually led to the founding of my interior design firm.

    2. Has there been a defining moment in your career ?

    In 2007 I did the Kips Bay Showhouse; my room was titled “The Rites of Spring.” It was a smashing success and made the front page of the Home section of the New York Times, which put me on the map of the design industry.

    3. What is your favorite type of client/project ?

    My favorite project is one that embraces art as well as design. I always appreciate when clients trust me to create meaningful spaces filled with beauty and have a secret passion for art that we can tease out.

    4. What do you think is the deciding factor in a successful interior design project ?

    Persistently paying attention to detail. Every single piece should be thought of to the very last detail because that is what makes each interior special.

    5. What is the most challenging aspect of your work ?

    The biggest challenge is running a small business and all of the complications that come with that.

    6. How would you describe your creative process and its influences ? How do you get inspired ?

    By attending fairs and exhibits, but my biggest inspiration comes from traveling. To see different styles, colors, and textures always leaves me inspired and rejuvenated with new ideas.

    7. What advice would you give beginner designers ?

    Enroll in business classes. Follow a project through to the very end until that last vase is placed. Photograph your work and embrace the interior design community as they are very special colleagues that will help you along the way in your career.

    8. What would be the ideal place to design for you ?

    A faded historic legacy hotel, with the mission of regenerating it by embracing the archival aspect, researching the original source to recreate accurate finishes and furnishings, and putting them against contemporary designs and materials.

    9. Could you describe a typical day of your work ?

    Each client, interior, and creative process is unique so there is no typical day.

    10. How do you choose the specific materials you work with ?

    It always is site-specific but I believe it’s important to highlight natural materials and a dynamic mixture of textures. Each interior is like a puzzle piece, where you pick out one thing and build on that.

    11. What artists/creatives have influenced you ?

    Antonio Gaudi, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Mary Colter are all important influences on my work.

    12. What contemporary designers do you appreciate ?

    Contemporary designers I appreciate are Joris Laarman, Joseph Walsh, and Caleb Woodard.

    13. If you had to summarize your creations in one word or sentence, what would it be ?

    My mission is to create livable, meaningful homes filled with harmony, artistic integrity, beauty, and inspiration.

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