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    Behind the Scene : Mickaël Koska

    Behind the Scene : Mickaël Koska

    My lifestyle infuses my way of working. I’m fascinated by the Mediterranean landscape, its little-known resources and the pure lines that emerge from it. The sun-drenched rocks of the “calanques”, the lapping of the waves, the arid flora that stands the test of time. Like a ritual, I draw my inspiration from these organic forms, surfaces and materials that the earth offers us. With my design, I invite nature into our homes.

    My Prickly Pear collection was born a posteriori from my “Cactus” series, embodied by its striated and transparent glassware. Irrevocably charmed by cacti, I let the desire to work around a fruit arise. I had a piece of wood, which I started to work on with the aim of incorporating opalines and creating a connection, a junction, a fusion of one material with another, evoking the prickly pear growing on the cactus. Once I’d found the right shape, I printed the piece in 3D and offered it to a ceramist to make a mold.

    I immediately thought of clay. A material intrinsically made from earth, it has always called to me, and I decided to connect with it fully. So I gradually trained with a ceramist to give this collection an opaque appearance and a delicate finish. I learnt all about the process, the creation of the molds, their assembly, how to cast the pieces, the firing, the finishes, the glazes… From these encounters: craftsmen, materials and flora, a new rhyme, a resonance is born.

    Generous lines and enveloping volumes now describe this collection, which is being perfected and adorned with new finishes. In 2023, dressed in velvet, the Prickly pear collection takes on its full meaning, evoking the morning dew on plants.

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