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    Behind the Scene : Steven Yeung / Kar- Studio

    Behind the Scene : Steven Yeung / Kar- Studio

    Oriental philosophy is the enlightenment of my aesthetics. I got influence and inspire a lot when I try to seek the essence of aesthetics in it. And I realize aesthetic is related to everything, from human emotion to universe — it’s all about coexistence, connections and reincarnation. This complexity makes no standard answer and leads me to a self- cognition.

    For me, furniture design is a way to seek and express oneself. The pursuit for my design is more than “usable”, but the “experience”, hoping to resonate with more people through the works. Therefore the core of the design is being honest to express myself, either it is good or bad.

    The design is base on sensibility, most of the time I start my design, directly with the clay-kneading when there is an inspiration flashes or mood swings, , without a sketch. My thoughts and sense of the moment, either joy or sorrow, affects the strength and trace on the clay.

    Benefit from the material feature of fiberglass, all the traces on the clay model is perfectly remained and copied on to the works. Different feelings presents to different people when they see the final shape of the design. It functioned like a resonator, the feeling from people who see my design is a kind of echo to my emotions.

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