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    Behind the Scene : Veronica Mar

    Behind the Scene : Veronica Mar

    The Essence of Marble


    The echoes of water are appreciated in every vein of the marble, and the energy of time from the earth and water materializes, after millions of years. An instant connection is generated when I visit a quarry to choose the block for the final piece. Working with marble becomes a sacred moment, created under the concept of infinity, the Soul sculpture bench represents the energy that is present in everything that exists, that spiral energy, present in all scales, from our DNA, the growth of plants and animals, to the movement of hurricanes.

    Describing the genesis of my work aligns with the intentional record-keeping  associated with the creation of the bench. Each spark of an idea, whether sought or spontaneously arrived at, is etched onto tangible surfaces, much like the sketches  and notes accompanying the Soul Sculpture Bench’s creation.

    Manifestation Beyond the Visible


    My work transcends mere design; each piece is created with intention, with  sacred geometry. I work in collaboration with expert artisans, combining  craftsmanship with technology. 

    I perceive my pieces as fragments of materialized consciousness, akin to individuals with purposeful designs that tell stories through artistry, design, and technique synergy. 

    Just as our perception of reality, marble can be transformed with the right tools and  techniques, synchronizing body and mind to achieve deep focus. 

    The Soul Sculpture bench stands as a testament to nature’s wisdom and the transformative power of art, beckoning observers to find serenity and connection to embark on a journey of self-discovery. 

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