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    Lukasz Friedrich

    Lukasz Friedrich (born 1980), lives and works in Warsaw. He is a self-taught designer and craftsman. Lukasz grew up in and around gloomy and dusty metal workshop of his grandfather and father. In this family run manufacture he first met and got acquainted with accidental, not intended beauty of purely technical environment. Fascinating lathe machines and heavy pneumatic hammers not to mention poetic and almost ancient frame saw were his first objects of fascination. Once playground this old, no longer existing workshop later became his source of inspiration.

    Academic studies in social science with focus on cultural anthropology gave him professional insight into artifacts of human creation. During extensive fieldwork he once again fell in love with things small and omitted but visually very appealing. After getting his MA in Cultural Anthropology he entered family workshop as a co-worker. During years spent at working table manufacturing commissioned pieces, Lukasz was developing his own craft. Skills he gained allow him to hand make mostly every design he intends.

    He still gets his inspiration from technical surrounding. Very often possibilities and limitations given by materials become questions seeking answer. He likes his items raw but undoubtedly finished. Elegance and sophistication may be enclosed in the most simple shapes of often almost ordinary objects.