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    Dafne Pendant Darkened Brass Finish Light Sculpted by Morghen Studio


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    Additional information

    Weight 15 kg
    Dimensions 200 × 90 × 90 cm

    Dimensions (CM)

    200 x 90 x 90 cm

    Dimensions (Inches)

    78.7 x 35.4 x 35.4 in



    Limited Edition

    Lead time

    8-9 Weeks

    Additional Information

    Made to order creations can be done: please contact us for any request.

    Materials: Brass, LED Light.

    Made to order dimensions are possible.
    We can customize all its details and give a complete service of 3D modelling, in order to create custom creations specifically for each interior.

    Standard features
    Light source: 220 cm LED light source – 24v – 37,5 w – 2.000 lumen – dimmable
    Light color temperature: 2.700/3.000 k
    Driver: external – 50 Watt (AC 110-220v/DC 24v)
    Canopy: satin brass or white

    Custom features
    Dimming option: dali – pwm – 0-10V (all options are remotely mounted)
    Materials: brass, copper, bronze
    Finish: brushed, semi gloss
    Sizes: min length n/a – max length n/a
    Canopy: position, size and finish of the canopy can be customized upon request
    All our lamps can be wired according to each country. If sold to the USA it will be wired for the USA for instance.

    Dafne was born after a journey to Africa. Its shapes are inspired by the Umbrella Tree, but rather than provide shades as a regular tree it provides light.
    Each one of its brass branches, hand shaped with a blowtorch, has cracks where the light shines from. Like resin dripping from cuts on the bark. The brass surface is grinded and deliberately left raw.
    It’s name is a tribute to the Greco-Roman myth of Dafne, the beautiful nymph that was transformed into a tree after becoming the unwilling object of the infatuation of Apollo.