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    Exceptionnal Daté Kan Volcanic Stone Low Table, Kaaron and Okurayama Studio


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    Weight 180 kg
    Dimensions 73 × 222 × 45 cm



    45 x 222 x 73 cm


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    Daté Kan Stone

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    Low table ” LAC”
    Drawing by Kaaron studio
    Collaboration with Okurayama Studio

    Daté Kan Stone is extremely rare and precious and has rarely been used for sculptural design before. It is known for it’s unique colors and it’s powerful aesthetic vibrations. Datekan is classified as two-pyroxene andesite and is unearthed from brown soil in a columnar jointing form. Rough stones of Datekan are taken out from the layer of the quarries or round-weathered rough stones of Datekan are unearthed at quarries before being shipped. One of the big features of Daté Kan is that each expression differs widely, depending on the place to be unearthed. The texture of globe-shaped weathered stones assume a black color or ocher color, while those taken out from joints are reddish brown, having various natural patterns.