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    Kar- 5 Picks From Philia Collection

    5 Picks from PHILIA Collection

    The brand name in kar- is the root of the Sanskrit “karma”, meaning karmic reincarnation. We explore the cause and effect of aesthetics, integrating tradition and modernity , presenting modern design with the core of Oriental philosophy.
    The inspiration of kar- is source from art, literature, culture, and unique experience, memory and emotion as well. We focus on sensibility in our design, at will but with restraint, aiming to convey emotion through the design for a resonance with people. Meanwhile, we are constantly experimenting technology and materials to express the forms of design in more possibility.
    The creation journey base on sensibility, we aim to convey emotion through the work. From the very first kneading, the creator’s current emotion, either joy or sorrow, affects the strength and trace on the clay. Different feelings presents to different people when they see the final shape of the Chair. It functioned like a resonator, the emotion of the viewer and the creator can be echoed through the work.
    The overall edges and the lines are inornate and plainness, like a true emotion, “not by intention”.
    With a variety of materials being experimented, fiberglass comes out as the most suitable material to present our design – lightsome, but sturdy, flexible on shaping all irregular edges.
    Uncountable times of adjustment on laying fiberglass for a jade-like texture appearance, over days polishing for a smooth joint and cobblestone-like surface. Eache process requires to be precise, it takes an artisan over decades to mastered.

    The Best coffee table, with no doubt.

    An Eastern antique style chair expressed in a modern artistic way.
    Balance between aesthetic and natural.
    Primitive aesthetic.
    A sense of laziness, the integration of art and practicality.

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