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    A Textile Geology by Sylvia Eustache Rools

    A Textile Geology by Sylvia Eustache Rools

    The first pieces of AWARÉ caused a disturbance. The public did not know what they were.
    Mineral, organic… Nevertheless, the quest in this work is not that of the imitation even less of the « trompe l’oeil ». It is more a philosophy of absorption. Consciousness or intuition that these states traversed by earthly matter are ours.
    The manifestations of the elements emerge in us because they have been absorbed, they pass through us and inhabit us. No need to mobilize one’s will to reproduce.
    « Man is not destined to dominate and subdue matter, but rather to observe its metamorphoses and to draw from it know-how. Danielle Elisseeff. » « Esthétique du quotidien au Japon. »

    « Chance has intuitions that should not be taken for coincidences. »
    Chris Marker.

    Mineral… and also …

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