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    Alice Lahana 5 Picks From Philia Collection

    Alice Lahana
    5 Picks from PHILIA Collection

    Based in Paris, the studio Alice Lahana makes each object by hand on site and in limited  editions. Through her multidisciplinary approach, the founder Alice Lahana  shapes the pieces like sculptures. She develops an eclectic collection that evolves  through experimentation. Former student of Beaux Arts in Paris, Alice Lahana  took a turn in her practice during a long stay in Brazil where she discovered  carpentry. On her return, she followed training and joined the Patrick Seguin  Gallery to restore furniture. She subsequently founded her studio in Pantin  (East Paris). Through her practice of wood and ceramics, she creates a dialogue  between organic forms and straight lines.

    “I find this chair very surprising. There is something dreamlike that emerges from it.”

    “I love the contrast between organic shape and metallic texture in this lamp. As subtle as it is present.”
    “I find this lamp very inspiring. It’s one of those sculptural objects that makes me want to explore larger volumes in my work.”
    “I love Lisa Allegra’s work. It’s simple, harmonious, delicate and powerful at the same time.”
    “What I like about Arthur Vallin’s work is the way he explores the stone beyond its original aspect. The seat seems light as foam while preserving its raw appearance. I made a carved wooden lamp (Cléo Lamp) with the same desire to give the illusion of lightness, of a veil floating in the wind even though it is a wooden trunk.”

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