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    Behind the Scene : Humberto de Mata

    Behind the Scene : Humberto de Mata

    Working with clay and paper pulp has been a very liberating process for me. The endless possibilities of construction in these materials evolved my body of work to a more diverse production. 

    The studio process has been a way of working that I feel really comfortable with. In it, I have  learned to deal more freely with the materials and through these relationships, to build ideas in a  more intuitive way, accepting to make decisions during the process and allowing myself to follow  the paths indicated by the act of doing. This process has a very interesting inertia, where over time  the solutions build a repertoire that forms a guiding thread of the production.

    With this process my desire is to evolve the work in a matter of power. Trying to master with sophistication this process of creating a physical object, and, at the same time, learning with the beauty of the small imperfections that are natural when dealing with such delicate materials, with their own natural behavior. 

    This path crosses with the questioning of the symbolism of objects, and became the reason of my  interest in designing/building them.

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