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    Behind the Scene : Andrea Bonini

    Behind the Scene : Andrea Bonini

    What unites many creatives is the concept of inspiration. Often, the mechanism through which it transforms into a tangible work is not entirely clear.

    A quote by Arnaldo Pomodoro, a renowned 20th-century sculptor, has always fascinated me: “I do not believe in inspiration; it’s more about suggestions, illuminations that come to you in different situations, at the most unexpected moments.”

    This version of inspiration, with which I identify, suggests it’s not a simple switch but something profound.

    During a flight preparing to land at Hong Kong International airport on a bright morning in July 2018, I observed the sea from above an unusually point of view, and noticed a fascinating image: the ripples of the waves appeared to draw a rhythm on the water. That apparent confusion prompted me to reflect on the extraordinary mathematical precision present in nature.

    I realized that this chaotic beauty couldn’t be random; it must follow strict mathematical laws. I instinctively connected concepts such as the golden ratio, harmoniously regulating plant proportions and appearing in various natural elements.

    These thoughts lingered for a long time, resurfacing later during the design of a sculptural panel. A recent visit to the exhibition of Agostino Bonalumi’s works at the Museum of the 20th Century in Milan revived these sensations. With the memory of these works embedded in my mind, I decided to merge these ideas.

    The unleashed concept aimed to transform the image of the wavy surface of the ocean into more rational and rhythmic forms, almost rationalizing or mathematizing it, so to speak. After numerous sketches and samples, the sculptural panel took shape, and I decided to call it “Marine Relief,” thus incorporating it into my collection, andreabonini editions.

    This episode illustrates how inspiration is actually an entirely uncontrolled and unmanageable mechanism, leading to the creation of works with truly inexplicable paths.

    Ultimately, the journey from a fleeting moment of observation to the inception of ‘Marine Relief’ embodies the enigmatic nature of inspiration. It’s an intricate dance between observation, reflection, and creation, where chaos harmoniously converges with mathematical precision. In embracing this paradox, I’ve come to appreciate that inspiration isn’t a mere phenomenon but an invitation to explore the intricacies of nature’s hidden design. ‘Marine Relief,’ born from these musings, stands as a testament to the beauty and complexity woven into the fabric of our world, where inspiration breathes life into the inexplicable and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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