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    Behind the Scene : Mirei Monticelli

    Behind the Scene : Mirei Monticelli

                                 The Material: Banaca Fiber from the Philippines

    My artistic journey begins with Banaca fiber, a material cultivated in the Philippines. Sourced from sustainable practices, this fiber comes to life in the verdant landscapes of Bicol, where meticulous harvesting ensures both quality and a minimal environmental footprint. Choosing Banaca sets the stage for my commitment to creating pieces that not only captivate with their artistic brilliance but also carry a story of sustainability and community. Here is a photo of the marvelous women I work with who make this special fabric.

    Craftsmanship Inspired by Dressmaking Techniques

    Growing up in the atelier of my mother, a fashion designer, instilled in me a deep appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship found in dressmaking. This influence seamlessly fuses with my passion for sustainable design, resulting in a unique approach to crafting lighting products. I draw inspiration from dressmaking techniques that I have been exposed to as I was growing up, infusing each piece with elegance and sophistication that pays homage to my roots in the world of fashion.

    The process of creating lamp starts with manipulating the material through pleating, twisting, folding, sewing and structuring it with stiffeners, ultimately defining its unique form.

    Inspiration for this particular piece struck me during a season of weddings that intertwined with my daily life. The Millefoglie cake, with its delectable layers and intricate construction, became a muse for my artistic journey. The lamp, much like the cake, is a celebration of layers, each fold and twist revealing a story of craftsmanship and design.

    As I shape the Banaca fiber, I draw inspiration from the tactile experience of working with it, allowing the material to guide me towards unexpected forms. The pleats and folds mimic the layers of the Millefoglie cake, creating a visual feast that transcends the boundaries between culinary art and sculptural design.

    The process is as much about intuition as it is about technique. The Banaca fiber responds to my touch, and with each manipulation, it transforms into a unique expression of artistry.

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