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    Behind the Scene : Selma Lazrak

    Behind the Scene : Selma Lazrak

    The collection harmonizes sculptural aesthetics with functionality with an aim to offer a distinct perspective on Moroccan and North African design that sparks new conversations and resonates beyond its boundaries. Through a deliberate focus on materials and particular shapes, the pieces narrate stories echoing personal and cultural significance, evoking a sense of balance and depth. 

    I start my creative process by sketching the pieces by hand in a journal, often going back and forth, refining and evolving the designs. Then I use 3D software to work on dimensions and shapes more accurately. Afterward, I compile a folder before venturing to the atelier for experimentation.

    I value slow manufacturing principles and collaborate with artisans. Together, we craft a full-scale model before starting to work on the actual piece. This method enables me to identify optimal cuts, leading to less wood waste and ensuring each piece embodies a sculptural aesthetic.  

    When working with solid wood, in contrast to my recent work on stone, the aim is to meticulously reassemble the pieces as if they were carved from a single block, following the natural grain pattern and seeking solutions that bring out the piece’s aesthetic. To finish and enhance the rich warmth of the wood, we apply a slightly darker tint followed by a wax. These final steps feel almost magical, like a suspended moment where anticipation builds before the reveal. I discover the contrast in the wood grain and the patterns, resembling the process of photographic development.


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