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    Behind The Scenes : William Guillon

    Behind The Scenes : William Guillon

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    Exposing here the flame that inhabits me and that I try to transmit through my production is a strong act for me, as it is a certain exposure and an admission of vulnerability. It is all about transcribing the essence of it to make you dive into the heart of my creative process.

    What is important to me in my job is above all to create an effect, sensations, a connection through the eyes of the other. The object is ultimately only the vessel that serves this creative purpose, a material embodiement to this invisible link. I’ve been interested in imperfect things for as long as I can remember. The twisted, the bizarre, the dangerous have always attracted me irrepressibly. Where does this attraction come from ? Perhaps it is innate, as if some of us were born with this love of the different, the unconventional. Like an inner force that pushes us to rub shoulders with the strange and the unknown.
    Perhaps it also comes from the images of my childhood, during which the dark fantasy of science fiction movies was mixed with the images of a sick relative, heavy treatments and hospitals, rocking my dreams and my nightmares; moments of carelessness crossed by waves of anxiety. In the end, it is probably a perfect blend, a natural magnetism which increased with my experiences, feeding on my perceptions to become every day more powerful, more accurate and consistent in my mind.

    Thus, the search for «beauty» accepted by all has always been a real source of questions for me. It is prized and valued, and often seems to me to be without any roughness or surprises. Why would we still be running after it ?
    It no longer needs anyone to exist. Beauty will never be forgotten, because it is appreciated by everyone.

    The charm of the imperfect

    I’m not praising ugliness here, or pleading for the destruction of Beauty. But as an artist, my aspirations go beyond this notion. My research is rather centered on the raw and subtle charm that we do not always discern at first glance, but which marks us strongly. Harmony in imperfection and beauty in the strange are the main drives of my creation. I believe that «beauty» is only a version, a possibility, a story and that there are many others to tell, less widespread and more singular. An object can be, at first sight, devoided of beauty and yet be of rare elegance and charisma. Which elements transform a «beautiful» piece into one with an original and yet remarkable aesthetic? This border is my playground.

    Family of souls

    I like the idea that my clients and I are linked by this common aspiration to another form of aesthetics, more visceral. In my regards, hybrid and unconventional design is so special because it cracks the apparent shallowness of a simple object and makes it reveal an unexpected depth that transcends it. To me, regardless of our origins or our journeys, we share an imperceptible feeling about life which is reflected in our sense of aesthetics, perhaps a little dramatic but actually terribly romantic.

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