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    Rick Owens – Dialog With Emerging Italian Designers

    Over the years, Rick Owens has developed a number of signature materials, shapes, and visual archetypes and has influenced an entire generation of artists and sculptural designers. His brutalist pieces of furniture vary in finishes and textures, they can be black, golden or nitrate, but they all combine a stark modernist look with a contemporary minimalistic line.
    The exhibition will be focused on Rick Owens design works aesthetically questioned by contemporary Italian sculptural design artists. This unique event during the Milano Design Week will weave a dialog between a curated selection of emerging Italian designers and Rick Owens’ impactful design artworks.
    Rick Owens: “My furniture is my couture. I’m using rare materials and artisans with specialized skills to create unique, one-of-a-kind objects.”

    List of Exhibited Artists:
    dAM Atelier
    Draga & Aurel
    Lorenzo Bini
    Agustina Bottoni
    Samuel Costantini
    Cara and Davide
    Pietro Franceschini
    Rick Owens
    Morghen Studio


    EXHIBITION: 5 -10 September 2021
    Via Cesare Balbo, 32, 20136 Milano