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    Prometheo Uno Fire Table by Andres Monnier


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    Weight 340 kg
    Dimensions 150 × 90 × 45 cm



    Dimensions (CM)

    160 x 100 x 40 cm

    Dimensions (Inches)

    62.9 x 39.3 x 15.7 in



    Limited Edition

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    7-8 Weeks

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    Made to order creations can be done: please contact us for any request.

    Materials: Grey Quarry Stone.

    Prometeo fire table is a piece inspired by the myth of Prometheus, of Greek mythology. Prometheus was a titan who stole the fire from Olympus to give it to humankind. The fire came with power, knowledge, and independence. This piece represents the origin of the fire, where it all began. The fire that Prometheus gifted to humans. The stone is a tribute to the rock where Prometheus was punished by Zeus, forcing him to hold the stolen fire for the eternity