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    Morghen Studio’s 5 Picks From Philia Collection

    5 Picks from PHILIA Collection

    Morghen is a multidisciplinary studio that works on the boundaries between design, art and craftsmanship. They rely on techniques passed on by the artisan heritage mixed with experimentation and contemporary materials. Every single piece is conceived, developed and handcrafted in a carefully renovated old carpenter’s shop located in the Milanese Bovisa district. Every single piece evolves from and assimilates previous theoretical and practical research. Every single piece is unique. Their work encompasses objects, furniture, lighting and spaces.

    As all Jerome’s sculptures are extremely sophisticated, but without showing it, they are also very direct.

    We love the way in which Laura shapes ceramic and creates unique and unexpected forms and finishes with this material. Strong and gently in the meantime.
    High level of technique and delicacy, Elsa is able to communicate her creative’s movement in the finished piece”
    Andrés’ work encompasses strength and symbolism. All of his pieces are always recognizable and dig deep into the human soul.”

    High level of technique and details, while being easy to “read” and install in a domestic place.”

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