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    Behind the Scene : Sizar Alexis

    Behind the Scene : Sizar Alexis

    I strive to create sculptural objects that emit a sense of stillness and intelligence, for
    the user to fully engage with its materiality, to appreciate every angle, to notice the
    forms in depth and wonder whose mind and hands have crafted them. What stories
    do these people who made them carry and how did the making process look?

    I use the ancient technique of burning wood that makes every object unique and
    textured, to allow the material to tell its own story in the grains that get visible.
    I believe we as humans are drawn to natural materials, they have the ability to
    ground us deeper in our true nature if we allow them to in a world that is falling out of
    touch in an increasingly interactive technology.


    When I design an object and craft it with the artisans I collaborate with, where we put
    our whole self into it, which is a deeply meaningful human activity. I wish to see the
    user to fully engage with the workmanship and to fully grasp the power of attention
    and be able to appreciate it with mind and soul.

    2022-02-08 kl. 12.39.55
    Making of Lahmu by Sizar Alexis_credit Nuno Faria _5

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