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    Behind the Scenes : Lucas Morten

    Behind the Scenes : Lucas Morten

    All humans through all times have always strived to be around beautiful things both consciously and unconsciously. In response to my upbringing where I’ve been constantly surrounded and enlightened by things that are considered beautiful, I started to ask myself what beauty were to me and question what it is that really decides that. An outstanding and unique point of my work therefore is that it’s aesthetic explores beauty from an opposite angle than the expected one.

    Out from putting a lot of effort in observing art, design, objects, furniture, clothes, flowers, architecture, nature, people and other various things that impacts me and my emotions I started to see this aesthetical opposite angle that gave me both pleasure and meaning in a new way. From there I started to create various objects that could both create an interesting and harmonic atmosphere together and also stand alone by themselves and express something. Something I have concluded yet in my life is some kind of combined simplicity and complexity, the meeting between strich and organic shapes along with a color pallet that represents me and also the swedish weather and landscapes. The most important thing for me though is when something beautiful attracts my emotions, awakens a more heavily breathe and clearly shifts all of the focus into that particular moment. This is something that appears inside of me when I am primarily interacting with art.

    With that said, I wanted to create objects that were in the borderland between art and design with the help of both new and old techniques explored in new areas of use, create simple beautiful things with my bare hands and uplift the aesthetics that one can’t achieve by letting a robot produce the same thing. I think it’s all about the defects that we humans got millions of which I wanted to reflect in my very naked, unpolished and imperfect way of giving creatures life. The objects I’ve completed so far is a mix of thoughts, emotions and experiences that are so close connected to me that I barely don’t feel like sharing them. Then there’s another part inside of me constantly provoking my inner chafings and obstacles telling them to act against them and conquer the even most fragile part of me.

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