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    Andrés Monnier

    Andrés Monnier is a Mexican artist born in Guadalajara and is based in Ensenada.
    His purpose is to create sculptural pieces to express stories through the synergy between art, design and sculpture. In 2017 he founded his studio, where hand in hand with his team, created pieces with fire, art objects and functional furniture with rock, glass, concrete, wood and metal.
    At the end of 2020 Andrés began to create his first collection of pieces with rock. His signature material. It was until 2021 when he (with studies in medicine and industrial engineering) decided to launch as an emerging artist and take held his first exhibition entitled “Olympo”, in which he exhibited the 17 pieces of this first collection inspired by Greek Mythology.

    Monnier participated in his first exhibition as an artist in Tribeca, NY with Galerie Philia.

    His motivation is to use different techniques and languages of creation to innovate with its proposals the world of conventional furniture. Monnier is a self-taught sculptor whose dream is to create and design his universe of pieces.