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    Château de Cornillon

    The aim of Transhumances is the gathering of international artists meeting to work locally, with local materials, for a local exhibition.

    List of artists:

    Cédric Breisacher
    – Valentine Maurice
    Jérôme Pereira
    Sylvia Eustache Rools
    Frédéric Saulou
    – Flora Temnouche

    The exhibition organized by Galerie Philia has taken place at Cornillon, in South of France, bringing together internationally known artists.

    Transhumances was born during the confinement and themes emerging during this period: the need to meet around a common horizon defined by artistic quality, conviviality, and a deep homage to the environment.
    The first Transhumances event has seen the creation and the exhibition of a set of sculptural design works created in a common residency taking place in the secluded village of Sauvan in order to sculpt works from local materials. The aesthetic outcome of this work has been exhibited at the courtyard of the Château de Cornillon.