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    Lucas & Tyra Morten 5 Picks From Philia Collection

    Lucas & Tyra Morten
    5 Picks from PHILIA Collection

    Occupying the liminal space between art and design, the multidisciplinary atelier of Lucas and Tyra Morten is a small scale artist studio presenting handmade objects and artworks in limited editions. What permeates the experience of their work is their devotion to the impermanence of things. Far from the increasingly technological world where more efficient production lines are created with greater precision, they instead explore the fragility that comes with everything that is transitory. Their works are therefore imbued with an experiential and existential quality that comes with a touch of the artists hands.

    “We love how it is primitive yet elegant at the same time. A piece we dream of having in our home.”

    “When the shapes of big monuments are brought into human-sized objects, something magical always appears.”
    “This work really gives a sense of home to us – Scandinavian, earthy and monochrome.”
    “Looks like something brought straight from nature, very beautiful and just how we like it!”
    “Simply a perfection in shape, materiality and texture.”

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