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    Pierre de Valck 5 Picks From Philia Collection

    Pierre de Valck
    5 Picks from PHILIA Collection

    Pierre De Valck (1991) born in Brussels, is a Ghent-based designer with a childhood fascination for archeology and collecting historical artifacts. His furniture attempts to harness the power of ancient geological processes in a contemporary bodice. Modern antiquities that allow the rediscovery of an ancestral past.

    Pierre De Valck manually encrusts each piece of furniture with unique minerals and stones of exceptional historical value. Leaving the minerals untouched, the mere functional is transcended, rendering the pieces both unique and authentic testimonies of our collective memory.

    “Hallway Table of Arno Declercq for its ethnic references.”

    “Morghen pendant for its innovative use of brass.”
    “Nicolas Wolf for these amazing textures on bronze.”
    “Lucas Tyra Morten for their innovative material use.”
    “Because of his pioneering role in collectible design.”

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