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    Walker Tower Exhibition

    Galerie Philia is delighted to present an exceptional exhibition of art and design at Walker Tower, the iconic 1929 Art Deco building in the heart of Manhattan, running from 15 February until 15 May 2021.
    The Walker Tower project is part of a programme of global temporary exhibitions developed by the gallery to present the best of 21st century European design across a variety of prime locations. It seeks to introduce emerging and established designers to New York.

    In a tightly curated scenography delivered by the gallery in collaboration with Italian architect and designer Pietro Franceschini, the exhibition showcases over 70 works by 40 international designers, all of whom are represented by Galerie Philia.

    The exhibition features collectible design, including functional furniture and contemporary decorative arts by rising talents and established artists.

    The Walker Tower exhibition reflects Galerie Philia’s eye for works that emanate from different cultures and transcend formal, stylistic, national and historical barriers.The collection on show unites a wide range of artistic worlds connected by their interculturalism and sheer artistic quality, regardless of their point of origin. Each work has an intrinsic aesthetic value which together create a constellation of visible relationships with no centrepiece. Resisting trends and time, this collection offers multiple permutations, adapting to ever-changing interiors, sensibilities and lifestyles.

    Participating Artists :

    Sizar Alexis
    Frederik Bogaerts & Jochen Sablon
    Sander Bottinga
    Cédric Breisacher
    – Lorenzo Brinati
    – Cctapis
    Pia Chevalier
    Jojo Corväiá
    Arno Declercq
    Nina Edwards Anker
    Isac Elam Kaid
    Alain Ellouz
    Evan Fay
    Pietro Franceschini
    Laurids Gallée
    Laurène Guarneri
    William Guillon
    Roxane Lahidji
    Paul Matter
    – Léa Mestres
    Lucas Morten
    Studio Noon
    Rick Owens
    Jérôme Pereira
    Jörg Pietschmann
    – Theo Pinto
    – Fino Prydz
    Frédéric Saulou
    Vince Skelly
    Okurayama Studio
    – J.M. Szymanski
    – Flora Temnouche
    – Faye Toogood
    Elisa Uberti
    Willem Van Hooff
    Niclas Wolf