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    Galerie Philia is delighted to present Hometown, an exhibition of sculptural design in the heart of a landmark house in the neighborhood of Chelsea, Manhattan starting April 21st;.
    Hometown is the meeting point of the contemporary world of collectible design that is part of Galerie Philia’s repertoire, and the old charm of a prewar historical house renovated and curated in its finition by New York based home-makers Residenza. With artists presented for the first time ranging from Atelier Barda, Luke Malaney, Atra, Hagit Pincovici and Studio Lel, the vast exhibition space takes the visitor through five floors and over 4000 square feet of sculptural design experience. Most design works have been commissioned especially for this spectacular exhibition.
    Asking the question of what makes a home feel like a home, the curation centers around rich and noble materials, woods with accent of brass, and soft textures from Christina Z Antonio and Pietro Franceschini seatings.
    For this exhibition, Galerie Philia partnered with the France-based research and curation group Eclipse, in order for them to exhibit the European fine art guests Jörg Kratz and Flora Temnouche.
    Along all those artists exhibited for the first times, Galerie Philia’s classics will be present too, we can cite Jérôme Pereira, Frédéric Saulou, Cédric Breisacher, Lucas Morten, Sylvia Eustache-Rools, Roxane Lahidji, Mark Sturkenboom, and Rick Owens.

    Participating Artists :